Welcome to my personal website. Here you will find the occasional blog postings expressing my opinion on matters as I see fit, some athiest content and data that I collect on intruders attempting to break in to this computer.

I started collecting the intrusion data as far back as 2009. At that time I was just curious about how many people were actually trying to break into computers. I did not think I had anything of interest on the computer that they would want but what I did have was an IP address. That is kind of like a phone number attached to your smartphone. And just like a smart phone, stealing someone else's lets you listen to all their calls, go through their voicemail and impersonate them when making calls to others.

Have they been successful? So far no.

Since I collect all this data I also make use of it by automatically generating Daily Intrusion Reports, visual Country Maps showing the attack origins, and various block lists for other people to use to ban these would-be cyber hackers.

So enjoy whatever you find here that piques your interest. I caution against attempting to abuse the site though as it will only lead to your IP address being banned.

This site is also a Jekyll static site, so don't even bother with all the script-kiddie Wordpress attacks, you are wasting your time.

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