I No Longer Get Robocalls

I no longer get robocalls.

Although it might seem ludicrous to make such a statement, it is none-the-less true.

Blissful silence is now mine to enjoy. No more scams pretending to be PG&E. No more timeshare sales. No more surveys. No more random hangups at all hours. Nothing. Nada. All gone.

And good riddance to them all.

At home the frustration levels continued to increase due to the increasing number of scam phone calls. It had become increasingly obvious that the government’s Do Not Call list is absolutely useless to deter scam callers. Added to that the scammers use more and more stolen caller ID information to make their calls appear to originate from a local person and not some whack job outside of Miami.

In response I decided to take it upon myself to find a solution. Any solution would have been acceptable.

But since I couldn’t route all calls to the toilet phone of the Mexican Spicey Burrito Convention during a rather explosive diarrhea outbreak I had to instead find some other solution.

Enter the Sentry 3.1 Call Screener (Amazon)

Although this device is clunky to use, the interface being slow and not very intuitive and the instructions being terse with a bit to be desired, once it was setup though the spam calls suddenly stopped.

What the scam artist now hears is a message telling politely to piss off and go away, but if they wish to leave a message then they can press 0 to continue. No automated dialing system presses 0. They just go away.

If you are willing to overlook the clunky interface then this litle device could bring golden silence to your household too. I had to make sure I whitelisted all the numbers I care about but after that the Sentry box has dutifully discouraged around a dozen calls a day. I see the attempts on my VOIP activity log, but all those calls hang up immediately and the phone never rings for any of it.

Personally what this box does is pretty simple and the phone companies could likely implement the same type of system within a couple of hours. But that would be an instant removal of almost all spam calls, and it would represent a significant revenue loss. So in the meantime I am sure the phone companies will make all kinds of noise about stopping scam calls, but other than T-Mobile, they will likely not do a lot to solve the problem…… (shout out to TMobile - their Scam Likely call block service for our cell phones seems to work pretty good, but still not as good as the little Sentry box).