GMO Nonsense

Being big fans of food delivery services such as Blue Apron and Sun Basket we enjoy the variety and quality that these home cooked meals can bring to the dinner table.

My wife, a brain injury survivor, specifically finds these packages helpful because she can easily follow the directions and create some spectacular meals that normally would be beyond her capabilities.

Of the many such services we are currently enjoying Sun Basket since they offer a diet choice we want to explore that is not offered by the others.

Everything is going quite well with Sun Basket. However I did notice one really weird oddity, but it was not anything about the food. Instead it was related to the ice pack…..

Not that I really care about an ice pack, but declaring (as in the picture above) that it is 98% water and 2% NON-GMO Cotton got me to wondering: who is eating the icepack?

Clearly if the ice-pack is made of non-gmo cotton it has to be that way for a reason, otherwise who in their right mind would spend extra for that? Ignoring for the fact that the whole gmo argument is nonsense to begin with (show me a cow, carrot, seedless watermelon or brussell sprout that has not been modified by human intervention, go ahead, try) it made me wonder why it was important to point out that the filler in the ice pack is non-gmo.

There was no warning stating do not eat. Normally in our stupid-people society we have to put warnings on everything. Who would have thought that drinking chlorine bleach was bad for you until they put that warning label on the bottle? On the contrary though, the Sun Basket bag does have printed on it:

Gel is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and made from food grade ingredients

Food grade ingredients? Cotton? I guess people really do eat it. Perhaps there are cultures out there that munch down on their old bluejeans and t-shirts too after they have sufficiently aged and undergone flavoring. Kind of like an old cheese.

This left me wondering a little more. After all the effort to point out that non-gmo cotton is used in the ice pack and printing on the iceback that the contents are food quality, what about the packaging material itself? Is it non-gmo plastic? Will ducks get their heads stuck in the bag and not be able to ever see their reflection again? Will the bag cover the countryside in litter blocking out the sunlight for those poor orphaned weed seeds? Just think about the weed seeds people!!! HELP THEM!!!! Do we need to schedule a weed seed protest?

All of this is of course tongue in cheek directed at the humorous design of the ice pack. As long as it is not made of toxic chemicals that would block you from recycling its contents, unlike ALL of the halogen light bulbs people are buying so they can be oh so green concious, what does it really matter what the icepack is made of? It could have been made from the butt fur from wild cats for all I care as long as it is clean, recyclable and does not affect the food.

But the desire to be oh so politically correct and then to make sure everyone knows that everything is oh so politically correct leaves me with a sick feeling. Wasted money, wasted effort, wasted time.

All I can say is that if this diet does not work out or if Blue Apron were to suddenly offer our diet option then I would dump Sun Basket in a second just for being dumb. It costs more.

Probably due to the non-gmo ice pack.