The End Is Nigh

Got your watches synchronized for the event of the millenium? Have you booked your evening flight so you too can watch the impending doom creep across the land from a magnificent sky-high vantage point? Or will you simply count down the clock playing with your new shiney iPhone that should arrive the day before all ends… forever…. The clock is ticking.

Why not join the masses of crazies and join in the bliss that signifies all that you know and hold dear will be obliterated forever by the supposed father that loves every dearly…. Ridiculous, no?

What is even more ridiculous is the number of search results from Google that this nonsense returns - over 4 million…. See for yourself, if you dare

Many of those sites seem to be taking the looney tunes event quite seriously, as if they are “scientifically” discussing the upcoming apocalypse with made up proof spanning 7000 year cycles and other idiocies (such as this site).

Yet there are still some “learned” opinions that disagree on Sept 23 being the day to end all days. For instance Michael Rood claims to have divine insight:

Mr Rood said: “The celestial alignment of September 23 is not the great sign of Revelation 12.

“The date is insignificant on the creator’s calendar, but it is the only time this year that the moon actually appears beneath the feet of the woman as it regularly does in this season.

“The almighty governs the Universe according to his calendar and his time clock, not how we manipulate it.

“The prophets warned of an economic collapse that initiates great wars.”

It makes me wonder on what cracker jack box this insight was gleaned from. I seem to remember crazy old bearded guys from my youth standing around on street corners shouting about an impending economic doom and the biblical collapse of society that would be soon to follow. I would have prefered to see this kind of crazy die out over time but instead it is still reccuring throughout society as if it were a virus that just never goes away. You would have thought that modern medicine could cure this crazy by now, but alas it appears that crazy grows faster than the pharmaceutical industry can cope with.

On the positive side though, my new iPhone should arrive the day before the world ends giving me a day to enjoy its mighy changes (it has been a few generations of phone since I have upgraded, so I’m looking forward to the performance and feature improvements).

When world comes to an end on Saturday though I plan on holding my new toy in my fist and shake it to the sky shouting:

You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

Either that or I might cut the grass. Whichever is more productive.