Hve you ever heard that….

  • God heals? Well tell that to the war amputees....
  • God is merciful? I am sure that cancer victims and MS or ALS sufferers are glad to hear that....
  • God answers your prayers? Tell that to air crash victims, victims of starvation or abuse....
  • God is everywhere and hears your prayers? Then why does he need saints or his Mom to intervene on your behalf....
  • God is forgiveness and love? Then why does the same num-nut that threatens everyone with eternal damnation also offer a path to salvation? Here's a salvation idea: don't threaten damnation in the first place you moron.

If some imaginary Almighty Creator truely loved you and looked out for your best interests then the world we see today would be a completely different place. However when you just look around with open eyes and see all the wasted effort put into belief that is never fulfilled and all the suffering that happens with no relief provided other than that provided by people, then you have to ask yourself, why would HE let this happen? Would any loving father in his right mind willingly inflict this amount of pain and torture on his children? Are you a father? Would you do this?

Once you start asking yourself these questions and thousands more like them you have taken the first steps towards removing the chains of religion.

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  • Religiously Skeptical - wonder what the Bible says about tatoos? Have other questions about religious belief? Check here for religious resources that shed a little truth on the Goat Herders Instruction Manual and other poorly written ancient fables.

Is it an easy journey? No. On it you will encounter righteous people who are so concerned for your “soul” that they take it upon themselves to personally offer you all the information that they believe will convince you to return.

I guess their god can’t do it and won’t do it, so they have to intervene on behalf of some almighty deity and lovingly harass you without ever realizing how intrusive they become.

But the information they provide is missing details, contains logical fallacies, is outright wrong and at best full of useless anecdotal stories that prove nothing. On the other hand on your journey for truth you will begin to learn of the billions of consistent and supporting examples for evolution, you will learn that you most likely exist because of the advances in science such as genetic modification of food and the eradication of deadly diseases. This clearly explains why people were lucky to live into their 30’s when religion ruled most of the world…..

You will also learn that religion stopped providing useful answers back when raising sheep was the most technical job to aspire to. You’ll see that there is nothing new in any of the stories written down in the Bible and that they are mere retellings of stories that have existed with different names, different gods, and different people.

It’s a lot to take in. Realize you have had an entire lifetime of being told there is a God. But that lifetime also never once provided any proof. It’s a tough road to follow to rise up above the years of indoctrination and illogical preachings, but it is a worthwhile road to take.

The reward is actually living a life of meaning and purpose. Your meaning. Your purpose. Not an artificial one that has no meaning and squanders years of your time that you could have used actually doing something useful.

So rejoice in the fact that the world is not flat, Adam did not ride on dinosaurs, the Jesus myth is plagiarised from an older 3000 year old story and we can see little lights in the sky that actually travelled for a lot longer than 6500 years to get here.